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A Higher Calling

Lets be clear, your time and expertise are tremendously valuable, get paid for both using Blinktoll. Simply set your voice and text messaging rates, we manage the rest.

Your Blink number


Your Blink rate /min


Your Blink calls


Your Blink minutes


Your Blink earnings

  • Earn Per Minute

    You've spent years building deep experience, perfecting unique skills and developing uncommon access. Use Blinktoll with your phone, to unlock your value and get paid on every business call.

  • Billable Conversations

    Your Blink number works seamlessly with your existing mobile phone, no apps to download or Wi-Fi required. Blinktoll works with any mobile network, resulting in global coverage wherever business takes you.

  • Paid Direct

    Blinktoll deposits to your bank account automatically on request or instantly transfer your earnings to your Blinktoll Visa® debit card. You can even donate funds to your favorite charity in a snap.

Coaches Thought-leaders Consultants Attorneys Entrepreneurs Counselors Experts Advisors Tech Support Fundraisers Authors Influencers Investors Advisors Celebrities Researches Entertainers Developers

I earned $3700 last month using Blinktoll and gave it all to my favorite charity. Your service is simply brilliant!


How it works

  • 1
    Signup your mobile

    Get your own personalized Blink phone number to publicly share. Blink numbers are available in over 80 countries.

  • 2
    Set your rates

    Set your Blink number's voice and text messaging rates callers will pay for your services. You can charge 50¢ or $50, it’s really up to you.

  • 3
    Tell the world

    Publish your new Blink number on your business cards and online. When your Blink number rings, simply answer to begin earning.

Mobile Ready

Blinktoll is your billable business number on your smartphone. It works with your phone’s existing carrier network (not Wi-Fi) so your Blinktoll number is just as reliable as your regular number. Blinktoll is designed for transparency and privacy; personal mobile numbers are NEVER shared between calling parties. Simply get your number and set your rates, thats it.

Clear pricing

Take advantage of our low introductory subscription pricing before they go.

  • $6.99

    Basic Monthly
    REGULAR $19.99

     1 Blink Number
     5 Unique Callers
     100 Text Messages
     7 Day Deposits
     30% Service Fee
  • $19.99

    Standard Monthly
    REGULAR $39.99

     2 Blink Numbers
     500 Unique Callers
     5000 Text Messages
     2 Day Deposits
     Charitable Gifting
     15% Service Fee

  • $49.99

    Premium Monthly
    REGULAR $69.99

     3 Blink Numbers
     Unlimited Callers
     Unlimited Text Messages
     Digital Business Card
     Next Day Deposits
     Blinktoll Visa® Card
     Charitable Gifting
     9% Service Fee

Get started now

Lets do it. It only takes a minute to start making money per minute.

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